Restoration, Remodelling and Remakes

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries.  Whether worn daily or just for special occasions, whether a gift, a personal purchase or an heirloom, jewellery will, over time, wear and require the attentions of a skilled jeweller.

  • You may choose to have that heirloom restored to its former glory – we can help.
  • You may choose to have that dated or unwanted item remodelled or remade.  We can help.  We use your existing gemstones to create a completely new setting, to create a design of your choosing.  For example, we can remodel a ring into a brooch, pendant or earrings.

We can source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for colour and size.  We will also re-cut or polish an existing stone. With a workshop onsite,your jewellery does not leave the store. We have five jewellers with expertise in diamond and gem setting, handmakes, cad cam, wax carving and hand engraving.

We treat all items left with us with extreme care and all items are fully covered by our insurance whilst in our care. To discuss your requirements please call or email us to make an appointment.